Tuesday, November 04, 2008

geoXMF XMF Accelerator, released

geoXMF LLC announced today the release of XMF Accelerator, a commercial off-the-shelf, web-based software tool for simple, easy and fast enterprise GIS search and data access.

“Geospatial applications are becoming more and more pervasive in business and public-facing applications,” said Doran Geise, geoXMF Vice President. “Today GIS is expected to provide world-class performance across the enterprise. XMF Accelerator delivers Google-like search for enterprise GIS – simple, easy and lightning fast access to GIS data.”

“As GIS users, we think “map” first – we understand them intuitively. However, many folks are not GIS or map savvy and even those that are don’t necessarily want to work "through" a map even if the end data piece they want is a map,” said Geise.

XMF Accelerator bypasses the typical map viewer first interface and presents a simple, convenient search box. Users can enter search terms and keywords to instantaneously get a listing of hyperlinks to feature locations fitting their search terms. Clicking on the hyperlink immediately delivers a map view with an appropriate display scale using a predefined bounding box.

XMF Accelerator delivers the following benefits to enterprise GIS users:

* Fast - Lightning fast access to geographic data for IT/GIS executives, technical managers and field staff.

* Easy for non-GIS users - simple, familiar search term box and quick access to maps instantly broadens use of enterprise GIS data by non-technical users and public.

* Reduces bandwidth demand and request load for the server - eliminates the multiple “navigation” requests (pan, zoom-in, pan, zoom-in) that result in a map-viewer-first search approach.

* Easy out-of-the-box functionality - Accelerator comes with its own GIS viewer that you can deploy as-is or customize. You can also embed XMF Accelerator into other applications to enable them for fast GIS search.

* Increased Productivity - faster and easier access to GIS data for decision-making.



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