Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mobile Cadastral GIS 3.0 Android App Released in Taiwan

SuperGeo Technologies, the leading global provider of complete GIS software and solutions, is delighted to announce that its Mobile Cadastral GIS 3.0 App (Android version) is now officially released worldwide.

Designed for cadastral position and measurement, Mobile Cadastral GIS 3.0 now integrates with GIS, GPS, and e-compass technologies to assist field surveyors in quickly recognizing their current location as well as the correct cadastral information.

With Mobile Cadastral GIS 3.0 that considerably enhances the interface, map display function, and query speed, users can define the data source and cadastral information to meet their needs. Besides the cadastral query function, the records of waypoint and GPS track provide field surveyors with real-time information. Moreover, field surveyors can check these data as the track reference and analyze them in a desktop computer.

There are four main features of Mobile Cadastral GIS 3.0. First, it can be widely used with GPS. Second, it can record and manage the information of locations rapidly. Third, it combines with the map measure function. Last, users can find the positions in several ways with this system.

As a result, Mobile Cadastral GIS 3.0 can help surveyors complete their tasks more efficiently. What is more, its user-friendly interface and intuitional manipulation can make the users who have little GIS experience familiar with the system shortly.

Mobile Cadastral GIS 3.0 (Android version) is currently available in Taiwan. For more information about Mobile Cadastral GIS 3.0 (Android version), visit www.supergeotek.com.