Thursday, June 30, 2011

GIS: Search Hong Kong Properties and Addresses

The Land Registry has produced the 43rd edition of the Index of Streets, House Numbers and Lots in Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Kowloon (Street Index) and the 12th edition of the New Territories Lot/Address Cross Reference Table (CRT) on compact disc for convenient retrieval.

The Street Index and the CRT are designed to facilitate land searches of properties by correlating available property addresses and building names with lot numbers. The new editions will go on sale next Monday (June 27). Each costs $250 per compact disc.

Since the 42nd edition of the Street Index, 536 amendments have been made and seven new streets and 58 new lots/sections/subsections have been added. In the CRT, 2,923 amendments have been made and 27 new streets and 1,465 new lots/sections/subsections have been added since the 11th edition.

Licences for the use of the 43rd edition of the Street Index and the 12th edition of the CRT on computer networks are also available for sale. Licence fees are $2,000 for computer networks linked to less than 50 terminals and $4,000 if linked to 50 terminals or more.

Purchasers of compact discs or the licences should complete an order form, which is available at the information counter of the Land Registry's Customer Centre at 19/F, Queensway Government Offices, 66 Queensway, the New Territories Search Offices, the Land Registry's homepage (, or by fax through calling the Customer Services Hotline (Tel: 3105 0000).

To further enhance support to users of the search services provided by the Land Registry, an online version of the new Street Index and the CRT will be available for free browsing on the Land Registry's homepage ( or through the hyperlink on the IRIS Online Services ( from June 27.

For enquiries, please call the Street Index and CRT Help Desk or the Customer Service Manager at 3105 0000.


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