Friday, July 01, 2011

Cloud GIS Goes Washington City

Digital Map Products (DMP), a leading provider of cloud-based spatial technology, today announced the City of Longview, Washington is using its Cloud GIS local government solutions to share data with citizens and increase the use of GIS within the city. The City of Longview selected Digital Map Products’ CityGIS and CommunityView Software-as-a-Service applications because they enabled the city to rapidly and cost effectively deploy intuitive tools to advance their existing GIS capabilities.

A long-time proponent of geospatial technology, the City of Longview recently found themselves at a GIS crossroads, confronted with aging technology, increasing citizen requests, staffing changes, and budget constraints. The city was being asked to do more GIS with fewer resources and realized traditional build-it-yourself solutions couldn’t deliver the added capability, economy, and user-friendly technology the city and community required. To meet their evolving needs, the City of Longview looked to leverage cloud computing with Digital Map Products’ CityGIS and CommunityView cloud GIS applications.

Through CommunityView, the city publishes city, property, and community data to interactive maps on their public facing website so residents can self-service information requests and increase their awareness of community amenities. Property characteristics, zoning information, city facilities and parks, and bike routes and trails are some of the data sets the city shares with citizens, fulfilling a long-standing resident request. Internally, Longview uses CityGIS to improve inter-department collaboration and data sharing, and to bring GIS to scores of new users. Digital Map Products Cloud GIS solutions have served as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration at the City of Longview, helping them achieve their GIS goals despite the tough economy.

“Amid intense budget pressures and staff reductions, GIS success has become a virtual mission impossible for many local governments,” says Digital Map Products CEO Jim Skurzynski. “Thankfully, cloud computing is upending the economics of GIS and transforming the ways spatial technology is implemented and used. We’re thrilled to partner with progressive cities like the City of Longview, to help them embrace innovative technologies to solve today’s municipal challenges.”

Digital Map Products’ Cloud GIS solutions are revolutionizing the way local government implements and uses GIS technology. CityGIS lets cities quickly and cost-effectively deploy full-featured GIS without the steep learning curve, high upfront costs, and maintenance headaches of traditional systems. Because it is designed for the non-technical user all city staff can access, edit, and share city data with ease. With CommunityView™, municipalities can add interactive maps to their public website and publish city, property, and community information to residents. Learn more about DMP’s local government solutions.


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