Sunday, January 10, 2010

SpatialStream SaaS Platform Launched

Digital Map Products (DMP) launched its new SpatialStreamT SaaS spatial development platform, according to GPSWorld. SpatialStream offers access to sophisticated yet easy-to-use spatial technology and spatial data sets and facilitates the streamlined development of embedded GIS applications.

"We at Digital Map Products think the launch of SpatialStreamT is a giant leap forward for end users. It has always been our goal as a company to make spatial technology available to everyone in an enterprise. Finally, the business world is catching on to the advantages of visualizing data and with SpatialStreamT, we can empower them to spatially enable their applications in record time,'' said Jim Skurzynski, CEO, DMP.

"With ParcelStreamT, Digital Map Products transformed online real estate search by making it easy to both reference parcel data and to display and integrate it with other data and spatial technology," said Marty Frame, President of Realtors Property Resource, LLC, a long-time partner of Digital Map Products and an early adopter of consumer facing spatial technology.

The Company stated that SpatialStreamT takes advantage of another powerful trend, cloud computing. With no upfront capital expenditures or unpredictable expense hikes, customers of SpatialStreamT gain immediate access to sophisticated functionality. DMP's spatial platform lets businesses spatially enable their applications in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional methods and technology.

"The platform facilitates the streamlined development of embedded GIS applications," Geoffrey Wade, DMP's Chief Technology Officer, said. "It frees up developers so they can focus on developing workflow solutions and integrating organizational data sets. Digital Map Products has years of experience in spatial technology. You can outsource that part of your business to us, and have more time to focus on your core business."


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