Friday, January 08, 2010

Free TatukGIS Viewer v. 2 Upgrade

The TatukGIS Viewer, often recognized as the world's best free GIS Viewer, just got better. The version 2 upgrade adds significant new features including advanced support for coordinate systems, support for additional data formats, advanced map rendering features, updated user interface, and much more.

The free Viewer is a slimmed down variation of the TatukGIS Editor product, without the Editor's data editing/saving/export features and scripting/programming features.

New Viewer version 2 features:

* NEW! Advanced support for coordinate systems/projections based on EPSG codes and OpenGIS WKT definitions, almost 3,000 predefined coordinate systems (including all U.S. State Planes), user-defined coordinate systems
* NEW! Automatic recognition of the coordinate system of each map layer
* NEW! On-the-fly reprojection of vector, image, and grid layers with display of layers from different coordinate system as a single map
* NEW! Support for new data formats: DWG2000, S-57, JSON, WMS, WFS, LandXML, OpenStreetMap, GSHHS, Surfer Grid, ESRI PGDB
* NEW! Antialiased output for enhanced map rendering quality
* NEW! Unicode support for foreign language characters
* NEW! HTML style rendering of labels
* NEW! Hierarchical layers, layer grouping, sub-projects
* IMPROVED! Better user interface for faster and more intuitive operations
* IMPROVED! Improved data table operations
* IMPROVED! Default world and continent mini-map presentation
* IMPROVED! Rewritten help files
* IMPROVED! Hundreds of other small improvements

The TatukGIS Viewer product is available free of charge from the Downloads page of TatukGIS web site.


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