Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Geosemble Technologies joined the Google Enterprise Partner program

Geosemble Technologies joined the Google Enterprise Partner program and will integrate its GeoXray geospatial knowledge integration product with Google Earth Enterprise, which allows organisations to build their own private globes that can be easily explored by employees using Google Earth technology.

As part of the partnership, Geosemble will integrate the GeoXray application and the GeoXray import utility toolkit into Google Earth. As a result, customers using Google Earth Enterprise together with GeoXray will be able to see dynamic information associated with the places of interest or areas being viewed on the globe.

Geosemble’s unique, patented technology will draw from a variety of text-based sources such as news, blogs and Twitter so that users can see and understand dynamic activity associated with specific geographic points and areas. In addition, by using the GeoXray import utility, users can easily view internet content - or relevant data from internal sources - associated with their own points of interest and other Google Earth Enterprise data layers.

“By integrating GeoXray into Google Earth and Google Earth Enterprise we can literally bring a world of knowledge to enterprise users,” said Andre Doumitt, CEO, Geosemble Technologies.


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