Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Google Earth iPhone application updated

Google Earth updates iPhone app. Version 2. The upgrade also adds 13 new languages to the mix, bringing a total of 31 supported languages.

The original app was introduced a year ago, and quickly raised to the top of the App Store charts. Like the ubiquitous desktop version, it allows to “fly” across the globe, touching down at the cities and locales chosen by user.

One can indulge in panoramic views or check out the rooftop of your childhood home, all courtesy of highly-detailed satellite images. You can tilt your iPhone to view hilly topography and take advantage of the iPhone's location services to zoom into your current position.

The big step forward for this edition of the app is the customized map feature. You can create these by using the My Maps interface on your computer. Google lets you take a satellite or map image and then add layers, which can include an itinerary, route lines, and other data. After you’ve saved the map, it becomes available on your phone.


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