Thursday, October 01, 2009

CygNet 7.2: GIS and asset management software, now available

CygNet Software, provider of the leading enterprise operations platform for the oil and gas industry, today announced that CygNet 7.2 is now generally available. Announced in April of this year as a major upgrade to the company's enterprise operations platform, CygNet 7.2 is the first solution to combine geographic information system (GIS) and asset management information with an operational SCADA module. Release 7.2 also improves access to and storage of the massive amounts of data generated by oil and gas companies.

Used by more than 100 leading companies across oil and gas exploration, production, and gas transportation to improve operational efficiency and market responsiveness, CygNet is the industry's most advanced solution for collecting, managing, and distributing data. CygNet is based on a proven, revolutionary network architecture that enables organizations to quickly turn raw data collected from diverse systems and devices into actionable information.

"CygNet is committed to helping our customers meet today's dynamic industry challenges, and one of the most important ways we do that is with a very efficient and customer-centric development cycle," said Chris Smith, chief executive officer of CygNet Software. "Our customers are intimately involved in helping us define and test our new features, and the speed with which we have been able to deliver CygNet 7.2 to market is a testament to the effectiveness of our development and QA processes."

By using resources more efficiently and optimizing their physical assets, oil and gas companies can increase production and lower costs, which in turn creates greater shareholder value. CygNet 7.2 supports these efforts by collecting and aggregating data from diverse field and business systems, then delivering contextually relevant, real-time information to every corner of the enterprise.

About CygNet 7.2 Software

With CygNet 7.2 users across every business function and geography can prioritize and analyze massive amounts of real-time and historical information to support daily operations, strategic decision making, and regulatory reporting requirements.

Key enhancements of CygNet 7.2 include:

* CygNet GIS Control - CygNet 7.2 integrates the ESRI ArcGIS toolset, creating a single platform that consolidates GIS-based asset management, SCADA data, and information from core business applications. CygNet 7.2 connects the previously disconnected silos of data, eliminating redundant data collection, decisions based on limited information, and lengthy manual data analysis.

* Enhanced Historical Data Management and Visualization - CygNet 7.2 includes enhanced historical data management that enables immediate access to near-term operational data while allowing the import of longer-term data in the background. CygNet 7.2 also provides seamless access to charting and trending tools, and can easily enable access by third-party applications and tools.

* More Efficient Field Data Transmission - Enhanced GMR (Gas Measurement Repository) replication eliminates network connectivity issues and makes electronic flow measurement data collection and distribution more reliable and efficient, ensuring business users automatically have timely access to the most relevant, up-to-date field data.


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