Thursday, October 01, 2009

RapidEye: Repetitive Coverage in Brazil

RapidEye, the only geospatial solutions provider to own and operate a constellation of Earth Observation satellites, announced today that they will supply the state of Bahia with RapidEye satellite imagery through their Brazilian distributor Santiago & Cintra Consultoria.

“RapidEye has been selected to provide the state of Bahia imagery because of their capacity to return to an area multiple times until a low cloud cover image can be acquired, and because of their high quality satellite data. Bahia is quite difficult to image with low cloud cover, as it is a tropical area, and the five RapidEye satellites are the best system out there to capture these challenging images. RapidEye satellite imagery will provide the state of Bahia with updated land use information for decisions on environmental issues, agriculture and infrastructure. The imagery will be used by multiple organizations and decision makers that are related to territorial planning with a socio economic sustainable approach,” commented Rita Pimentel from SEI – Bahia Government Organization.

“This contractual agreement will provide proof of our system capabilities. We have already delivered 250,000 square kilometers of imagery in September,” commented Michael Prechtel, Head of Marketing and Sales for RapidEye. “It is hard to predict when this area will be cloud free. With the RapidEye system, we can continue to return to the area until we achieve our goal of a low cloud covered image. The successful completion of this project will highlight our advantageous imaging capabilities for frequent monitoring in tropical areas like the state of Bahia and the Amazon area.”

If you are interested in demonstration products (free test data) from Brazil, please visit RapidEye's website at


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