Friday, September 04, 2009

GIS Learning CD for GIS teachers

SuperGeo Technologies announces the availability of the "GIS Learning CD".

"GIS Learning CD" is created and edited by SuperGeo Technologies. The CD contains abundant and complete GIS knowledge, including the basic and important concepts and some GIS theories which have not been introduced in other same kinds of CDs, such as several types of map projections, data analysis, etc. Accompanied with Flash animation, some GIS concepts, which are hard to explain in books, now can be presented dynamically in 3D. Therefore, beginners can effectively build up the complete GIS basic knowledge in the planned and vivid learning environment.

Due to plenty of teaching samples in “GIS Learning CD”, provided for GIS teachers in colleges and universities as the teaching supplements, the CD effectively reduces the GIS teachers’ time for collecting GIS related materials and also avoids the mistakes caused by inaccurate internet resources. Consequently, the CD can be seen as the best teaching supplement.

Besides GIS teachers, the learning CD is also suitable for the staffs in GIS and in other natural related fields. With the various samples, abundant contents, and easy-to-understand explanations, beginners can easily obtain the GIS knowledge and basic concepts by self-study.

GIS Learning CD Contents

GIS Learning CD introduces the basic concepts and applications of Geographic Information System (GIS). From the origin of GIS, the types and framework of geographic data to the output and layout of the GIS data, beginners can acquire the basic concepts step by step. GIS Learning CD contains 7 chapters, they are:

Chapter 1 - GIS Concepts
Chapter 2 - Geographic Data
Chapter 3 - Data Input
Chapter 4 - Data Display
Chapter 5 - Data Query
Chapter 6 - Data Processing and Analysis
Chapter 7 - Data Output

GIS Learning CD is supported on Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista or Mac OS.


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