Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Digital maps for Japan, updated

GfK GeoMarketing has released updated digital maps for Japan that reflect the boundaries of the country’s postcode. The 18 maps included in the collection are part of the company’s comprehensive Asia Map Edition.

GfK GeoMarketing's Japan Map Edition includes a range of administrative, postcode and topographic maps. Regions and map elements are labeled with the international place-names and, in many cases, the native language place-names as well. All map layers and objects fit together seamlessly and provide gapless, overlap-free coverage.

The digitization of postcode areas and administrative units such as municipalities or Japan's prefectures requires significant expertise, reliable data sources and perfected quality-control standards.

The Japan Map Edition includes 18 thematically distinctive maps. Political boundaries are provided down to the most detailed regional level. The maps include a large amount of supplementary information, such as a classification of the country's cities according to number of inhabitants and map object labels in both the native language (and associated character font) and the international standard.

GfK GeoMarketing's maps for Japan are vector-based, offering users unlimited zoom capability and editing possibilities as well as the ability to create their own custom-tailored map projects. All maps are available in the standard data formats – *.shp (ESRI), *.tab (MapInfo) and *.lay (RegioGraph – GfK GeoMarketing's own business mapping solution).


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