Monday, September 14, 2009

Free Essays on Geography and GIS

GIS software developer ESRI released a collection of Geography and GIS essays written by many of the top academics in the fields of geography and GIS technology. The good thing is, they are free!

Previously published individually in the company's ArcNews magazine, the collection of articles provides insight into the power of spatial thinking.

The 12 articles in Essays on Geography and GIS, Vol. 2, include

* "GIS: Designing Our Future" by Jack Dangermond
* "Implementing Geographic Information Technologies Ethically" by Harlan J. Onsrud
* "GIScience for Human Rights" by Doug Richardson
* "Transport 2.0: Meeting Grand Challenges with GIScience" by Harvey J. Miller
* "Geography Education and GIS Professional Development" by Doug Richardson
* "Changing the Face of Geography: GIS and the IGU" by Roger F. Tomlinson
* "Process Models and Next-Generation Geographic Information Technology" by Paul M. Torrens
* "Geographic Literacy in U.S. by 2025" by Daniel C. Edelson
* "Geography, GIS, and Mental Health" by Doug Richardson
* "The National Geospatial Advisory Committee: An Action Agenda" by Anne Hale Miglarese
* "Global Dialogues: GIScience and Sustainable Development in Africa" by Doug Richardson
* "Get Involved with Geo-Education Reform" by Daniel C. Edelson

Essays on Geography and GIS, Vol. 2 is available for download at no cost.


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