Monday, September 14, 2009

2010 Map 3D Training Book Now Available

Cadapult Software Solutions, Inc., an Autodesk authorized publisher, announces the release of their newest training book: Digging Into AutoCAD Map 3D 2010. This is an update of their very popular Map 3D books for versions 2005 through 2009, revised to incorporate the changes in the current release of Map 3D.

This edition introduces the most important features of this powerful Autodesk software, including the completely new ribbon-based interface. It is 341 pages long, organized into 14 chapters by topic.

Updated for the New Ribbon Interface

"One of the biggest challenges for any user migrating to the Map 3D 2010 release is learning the completely redesigned ribbon interface," according to Rick Ellis, co-author and President of Cadapult Software. He added: "To be productive in this version you will need to be able to find familiar commands, as well learn new ones. We've rewritten exercises, with all new screen captures to guide you through the latest ribbon interface. Our book will help you build the comfort level you need to be more productive, more competitive and more valuable."
New Exercises Featuring FDO Connectivity and

Thematic Mapping

You will also learn about connecting to GIS data in real-time, using FDO technology, in addition to directly importing data. Other topical chapters include tutorials on cleaning and correcting sloppy geometry, overlaying raster images, working with multiple mapping coordinate systems, and automatically labeling objects.
Of course, it covers the basics of thematic mapping and linking your geometry to data, as well. You will learn many different ways to utilize the most popular tools available in Map 3D.

Since AutoCAD Map 3D is part of Civil 3D, this book is a valuable resource to more than just those who have purchased the stand-alone Map 3D product, says Russell Martin, the book's co-author and technical editor. Mr. Martin, who has over 23 years experience with AutoCAD and mapping/GIS software, added that "anyone using Civil 3D can benefit from these powerful, yet often overlooked tools already installed on their computer".

Earlier Editions Also Available

Cadapult offers Map 3D training books appropriate for software versions back to 2004. All of Cadapult Software Solution's training books are exercise based, providing step-by-step procedures for many common tasks, while defining terms and explaining concepts. The authors are seasoned professionals with direct industry experience, and the tutorials have been refined through classroom testing with a wide cross-section of students. A CD with real world datasets for all exercises is included with each book, available directly from their web site: (503) 829-8929

About Cadapult Software Solutions

Founded in 2002, Cadapult Software Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services for CAD systems with a focus on the Civil/Survey/GIS industry. Located near Portland, Oregon they provide training, consulting services, technical support, and training material to clients throughout the Pacific Northwest and around the country. Their books are used by thousands of colleges, training centers organizations and individuals worldwide. Cadapult Software Solutions helps clients maximize the return on their software investment through training classes, consulting services, and support. Support options ranging from telephone support to on-site visits help to ensure the continued success of their clients.


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