Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mississippi's Guide to Geospatial Technology, publication released

The University of Mississippi's Enterprise for Innovative Geospatial Solutions (EIGS) announced the release of "Mississippi's Guide to Geospatial Technology" a magazine-style publication about geospatial technology.

The guide provides information about how geospatial technology offers everyday solutions for everyday business areas including homeland security, real estate, agriculture, utilities, natural resource management, recreation, transportation, and public health among others.

The Guide was a special collaboration with the Mississippi Business Journal and was featured as a special supplement.

Some of the topic areas covered in the publication includes utilities, media, insurance, natural resource management, real estate, and recreation.

The goal of the publication is to educate potential customers about the innovative and cost effective solutions geospatial technologies can provide to industry and government. This includes decision makers in a variety of private businesses as well as economic development organizations, and all levels of government, but cities and counties in particular.


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