Friday, June 12, 2009

4-inch resolution ortho images

Eagle Aerial Imaging, supplier of aerial imagery in southern California, expanded its portfolio to include engineering-quality accuracy, 4-inch pixel resolution ortho imagery. “Providing 4-inch current, high-resolution, NMAS-accurate, flown-in-stereo, aerial photography is now part of our standard imagery,” said Wayne Tate, President, Eagle Aerial Imaging. Eagle Aerial fills the need for current, high-resolution imagery for today’s customers’ demands.

Eagle Aerial has provided many satisfied customers with high quality 6” imagery and is now proud to offer that same high quality ortho images in a 4-inch resolution. According to Ray Wang, of the Irvine Company.

Other municipalities, such as County of Orange Survey Department, and many government and engineering organizations through-out Southern California have been using Eagle’s 6-inch imagery and are now making the decision to go with the newest 4-inch imagery Eagle has to offer. The level of detail on the images just gets better every year, with every flight Eagle takes.

Many organizations are discovering a payback using high resolution high accuracy photography. They are realising not only does an “off the shelf” solution save them significant money over custom flying, it also allows them to save hundreds of hours in field time by accurately seeing precisely what is going on from their desktop. Many items including code enforcement and site planning are done simply and accurately with “current” high resolution and accurate ortho photography.

Eagle Aerial Imaging’s goal is to provide clients with solutions to the challenges they face in the numerous industries aerial photography serves. Annually updated and off-the-shelf aerial products bring cost-effective, seamless digital color photography into GIS applications for powerful project analysis. Eagle is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of technology and bringing these products and services forward to customers. Along with the new 4-inch imagery, they offer seamless 6-inch imagery, 1-foot pixel resolution color ortho photomaps, wall murals, and an extensive stock library of color aerial photographs covering Southern California for over 22 years.


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