Friday, June 12, 2009

GIS software — SuperGIS Server this June

SuperGeo Technologies Inc., a leading provider of complete GIS solutions is going to announce the enterprise class GIS software—SuperGIS Server by the end of June, 2009.

SuperGIS Server is a set of comprehensive and server-based GIS software which is featured with out-of-the-box, centrally managed, and rich standards-based. Besides facilitating enterprises to centrally manage GIS data, SuperGIS Server also allows enterprises to integrate numerous GIS services, analysis applications, etc to the server and distribute the services by the Internet. Therefore, end users can access and manipulate the data or services provided by the server via desktop software, mobile GIS applications, or browsers; the value of GIS data becomes increased.

Furthermore, SuperGIS Server enables enterprises to host and distribute all of the GIS applications and services to multiple servers in order to improve the efficiency of enterprise interior GIS functions.


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