Thursday, April 02, 2009

SuperGIS Server -- integrated Enterprise GIS software

SuperGIS Server (Beta version) - the enterprise GIS Server was formally released by SuperGeo on March 31, and the official version is going to be released in Q3 2009.

SuperGIS Server Overview
SuperGIS Server is a set of comprehensive and integrated Enterprise GIS software. With the features of out-of-the-box, centrally managed and rich standards-based in SuperGIS Server, it allows enterprises to integrate various GIS application functions, such as different types of GIS data, visualization application, spatial analysis or so to the server for distribution so that end users can attain and manipulate the data or function services provided by the very server via connecting to the server host that has already installed SuperGIS Server with desktop software, mobile device application or browser. As a result, SuperGIS Server fulfills the achievements of expanding the use of GIS capabilities within enterprises, prevents the end users from installing specific software, and reduces the time spent in giving training to its users.

Furthermore, in order to respond to the professional software’s trend towards componentizing core functions in GIS or other domains, SuperGIS Server, positioned as the professional enterprise class product, would allow Service-Oriented-Architecture enterprises to create a high-stable, dependable and excellent-performed SOA architecture with the full-functioned GIS operation engine, which is designed with SuperGIS Engine as its core. Also, the enterprise users can utilize the SDK to attain the SuperGIS Engine core components quickly and easily, developing more required services.


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