Thursday, April 02, 2009

LiDAR solution for Dauphin Island

The Terrapoint division of Ambercore announced that it has partnered with Tridex Solutions to provide an innovative LiDAR solution for Dauphin Island, Alabama. Terrapoint acquired aerial LiDAR data concurrent with terrestrial LiDAR data captured using the TITAN mobile scanning system. Tridex Solutions will mine these two data sets for a multitude of applications on Dauphin Island.

Terrapoint’s aerial LiDAR data will be used to develop topographic base map for the island. Due to Dauphin Island’s unique position as a barrier island in Mobile Bay, detailed and accurate topographic information is critical for assisting decision makers on numerous fronts including planning, environmental issues, public safety, transportation and infrastructure.

A TITAN mobile scanning system was deployed to acquire as-built information for much of Dauphin Island’s infrastructure and transportation network.


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