Wednesday, March 25, 2009

GIS to manage environmental programme

[report] The U.S. Army Garrison (USAG) at Bamberg, Germany, doesn't have to wonder what it has in its ecological and other environmental inventories any more, now that this data is exchanged using a GIS. The electronic mapping tool allows 31 organisations across the garrison to share information in order to integrate efforts for greater benefit to the environment.

The garrison's environmental management division was the first activity of the USAG with a fully working GIS. The GIS includes a variety of themes that include geology, drillings, water and soil tests, surface waters, landscaping features, landscape maintenance responsibilities, cultural and archaeological resources, cultural monuments, contaminated sites, recycling points, oil water separators, hazardous waste accumulation points, hazardous material storage areas, above ground storage tanks, underground storage tanks, trees, biotopes and forests.

Using GIS is part of a robust environmental quality programme at USAG Bamberg that includes many successes. USAG Bamberg's environmental programme addresses pollution prevention opportunities, instills a powerful recycling programme, promotes the protection of public health and the environment, conserves valuable material and energy, and maintains sustainable use of Army land through the conservation of existing resources. Using a GIS, the environmental management division has implemented a maintenance program for disturbance-dependent species and their habitats.


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