Thursday, March 26, 2009

XMap 6 GIS Software suite

DeLorme, announced the release of the latest version of its three-tiered XMap 6 GIS Software suite. XMap 6.2 offers functional improvements and performance upgrades for every level of XMap.

A significant component of this upgrade is the expansion of ESRI shapefile support to users of XMap Professional. This base edition of XMap now delivers entry-level GIS functionality, by offering access to readily available shapefile data as well as common aerial imagery formats.

XMap Professional users can now:

• Download and import shapefiles from GIS data archives
• Customize the symbology of point, line, and polygon layers
• Access all of the available attributes for each map object
• Search for specific records using XMap’s Attribute Search function
• Turn specific layers on or off to create custom maps
• Transfer GIS layers and aerial imagery to DeLorme Earthmate PN-Series handheld GPS receivers

For advanced GIS applications, DeLorme offers XMap 6.2 GIS Editor, which includes full data editing capability, and XMap 6.2 GIS Enterprise, which provides efficient tools for corporate GIS data management and distribution and which now includes support for ArcSDE 9.3.


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