Saturday, October 18, 2008

WebView - The Internet Extension for ArcView GIS and ArcGIS

Present your maps on the Web or on CD ROM! WebView is for you if you want to:

* present your geodata on the Web - including legend and overview map, and including important GIS functionalities like zoom in and zoom out, pan, identify and hotlink, or search for attributes
* present your GIS projects on CD ROM without the need to deliver your original data (shapefiles, images).

And don't want to:

* spend a lot of money
* bother with programming in Avenue or ArcObjects, HTML or JavaScript, ...
* trouble yourself with your own internet server, server software etc.

WebView is available in two versions: WebView Standard and WebView Professional.

The created map pages provide the following functionality:

* Detail map and overview map
* Zoom in and zoom out up to 3 zoom levels (version Professional: 5 zoom levels)
* Panning in the detail map, using buttons or by clicking in the overview map
* Different map contents at different zoom levels (scales)
* Legend for map contents
* Scale bar and Copyright
* Attribute information on mouse move (map tip) or mouse click (identify)
* Hotlink to images, pdf-documents, web pages, email addresses, ...
* Print functionality

Only in WebView Professional:

* Transparent layers: switch layers visible/invisible
* Object layer: search for geoobjects using attribute list
* Zoom in and zoom out up to 5 zoom levels

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