Saturday, October 18, 2008

ObjectFX Spatial Rules 3.0

Spatial Rules is a service-oriented middleware component designed to manage streams of spatial and temporal data generated by location-aware devices, sensors, and other automated and manual collection systems. Traditional Geographic Information Systems (GIS) vendors have failed to address the need for a scalable, open framework for spatiotemporal rule creation and processing, leaving most customers with the need to develop custom or “one-off” solutions that are expensive to build, difficult to maintain and not scalable.

Spatial Rules 3.0 strengthens the company’s ability to help customers intelligently manage the flood of location-based information that faces many organizations in government and the private sector. Spatial Rules customers include commercial transportation and supply chain logistics; government homeland security, logistics and law enforcement; military blue/red force tracking and situational awareness; and intelligence gathering and monitoring.

ObjectFX Spatial Rules is designed to continuously analyze large volumes of timestamped location data and to transform the data into usable information. Examples include monitoring vehicles to detect when they enter or exit an area of interest, veer off-route, or move within proximity to a landmark. Cluster analysis indicates when certain types of objects gather near each other. Geofence monitoring and proximity to areas of interest can be done in two or three dimensions to establish threat zones, monitor airspace, or detect transitions across checkpoints on the ground, at altitude, or below sea-level. Areas and corridors can be monitored for undesirable activity or to warn when severe weather approaches work zones, crews, or convoys.

New features in Spatial Rules 3.0 include:
* Dynamic cluster detection used to recognize when objects or events within an area reach a specified density threshold.
* Ability to treat points, lines or polygons as “locatables” (i.e., dynamic objects that are tracked).
* Three-dimensional features based on a highly scalable “two-and-a-half” dimension geometry model used in the gaming industry.
* Support for 3D distance calculations, including line-of-sight and great circle options.
* Built-in support for a broad range of input formats, including: Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Geography Markup Language (GML), ESRI Shapefiles, Google Earth™ KML and GeoRSS.
* Support for the OGC Feature Encoding Specification Version 1.2 for expressing rule logic.
* Support for new rule predicates, including traverses, closeTo, interacts and inCluster.

Spatial Rules 3.0 is designed to work either by itself in a spatiotemporal application or side by side with other business rules engines and can be purchased as an independent product or as a complement to SpatialFX, the geospatial software platform from ObjectFX.

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