Tuesday, October 14, 2008

CartoPac Field Server, released

CartoPac Field Solutions, powered by Spatial Data Technologies, Inc., today announced the release of its CartoPac Field Server, which allows the deployment and management of mobile field data collection solutions via the web.

The CartoPac Field Server focuses on the needs of field users with web-based features for complete, streamlined data access; this eliminates the requirement for field users to access information through complex office-based GIS or CAD systems. This easy-to-use deployment solution is designed for field users who have little or no GIS or CAD system training.

The CartoPac Field Server can automate tasks, eliminate steps and save valuable time, which makes this technology the most efficient way to collect field data. It centralizes data storage and has unlimited availability with an Internet connection. The CartoPac Field Server is also easily configured, easily maintained and will easily adapt to a company’s changing needs.

The fully customizable CartoPac Field Server is designed to increase the efficiency of field workers at oil and gas companies, railroads, utilities and other businesses that need to move large amounts of data between the field and the office. Used as either a stand-alone product or with ArcGIS Server, and integrating with ArcSDE or various other data stores, the CartoPac Field Server enables workers to access the full enterprise database from a web browser.

Once data collection is complete, the field user uploads data back to a central location, where it is ready for back office processes, including QA/QC, GPS postprocessing, work order generation, printable field reports and database loading, all from one central server. The end result is high data accuracy and high integrity field data. This highly configurable server technology delivers unmatched scalability that supports the deployment of field solutions for companies of all sizes.

“The feedback we continue to receive from our customers is they need powerful and reliable technology to make the job of collecting field data as efficient as possible and easy for the field technician,” said Glenn Vlass, president of CartoPac Field Solutions. “The CartoPac Field Server is the only product on the market that offers this level of functionality and customization without building it from the ground up. The CartoPac Field Server addresses the key barriers many companies face while collecting field data, and it allows unmatched data accessibility of their mobile solution via the web. It also helps establish data collection standards so companies can centralize their data. This is the most efficient and economical way to manage a dispersed mobile workforce.

The CartoPac suite of technology includes CartoPac Mobile software for enterprise data collection, which enables field crews to access and manage very large amounts of data on a handheld computer. The CartoPac solution also includes CartoPac Data Interchange for ArcGIS (CDI), the CartoPac Field Server and the CartoPac ToolKit, which makes it easy for users to customize the company’s technologies as businesses grow and needs change.

Those in the oil and gas industry have the opportunity to attend a hands-on seminar in either Denver, CO or Houston, TX in November to experience how this new technology can help their company.

To register, please visit the CartoPac Field Solutions website at ( http://www.cartopac.com/demo/SeminarSignup.aspx).


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