Tuesday, October 14, 2008

LandSIM3D version 1.5, released

Bionatics, the leading 3D territory modeling solutions, announces the soon release of the version 1.5 of LandSIM3D. “This new version confirms the marketing position of LandSIM3D as a 3D decision making tool allowing a simple and affordable access to increasingly rich and complex geographic information "explains St├ęphane GOURGOUT, Sales & Marketing Vice President and co-founder of Bionatics."LandSIM3D v1.5 enables urban and land planning professionals to easily switch from 2D to 3D without requiring a high level of expertise in 3D computer graphics."

LandSIM3D allows an automatic 3D modeling of the territory by linking all data set architects; surveyors, urban planners and other professionals involved in territory planning can get during their practice as such as vector data from a GIS, digital terrain elevation and aerial images. LandSIM3D is able to build a realistic real time 3D digital model and geo-referenced within a few hours only: a base from which specific projects can then be inserted to study their various options and their impacts on the immediate environment.

Version 1.5 of LandSIM3D provides major evolutions as such as:

* Ergonomic workspace mixing 2D and 3D vues available through an interactive mode
* Interactive edition and modification of vector data within the 3D display window.
* Symbolic drawing capabilities offered onto the terrain to better explain a site or a project.
* 3D plant modeling workshop allowing pruning and fine tuning of the plants.
* Plant alignment tool: several individual plants can be deployed at a regular spacing distance.
* Road and river segments with width parameter along the path and user controllable.
* Measurement tool in 2D / 3D View: flat distance or 3D distance following terrain elevation.
* Time steps applied to hedges and plant alignments.
* Capabilities to switch from different project variations within the 3D display window.
* New real time special effects such as natural fog with fine tuning options.
* Management of authorized areas where the user can move within the 3D View.

First made available to its partners involved into the "early adopter" program, LandSIM3D will then be available for sale by the end of October. Customers with an annual subscription can also download the update for free.

For more information about LandSIM3D, visit: www.landsim3d.com or contact Bionatics by telephone at +33 1 56 02 04 20.


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