Friday, July 25, 2008

Proposal for design and development of a micro satellite

IIT Kanpur has submitted a proposal to the Indian Space Research Organisation, relating to design and development of a micro satellite.

The micro satellite, weighing around seven kg, can be used as part of disaster management and in cartography, Director IIT Kanpur S G Dhande, said on the sidelines of a conference on Smart materials, structures and systems.

The project was expected to require a funding of around Rs five to seven crore, he said, adding the proposal on the subject has been submitted to ISRO.

Highlighting other applications of micro and smart systems, he said currently a railway project was on to test the application of micro and smart system to track down the location of a train en route to its destination.

The system fitted over the train engine could send data which could be displayed on a screen locating the train's current position on the route.

The screen could be displayed in coaches for passengers to be updated on their travel.
The device could also help the driver get information on all the trains travelling on that route, he said.

Speaking during the inauguration of the conference, G Madhavan Nair, Chairman, Isro said that smart materials and technology held huge potential in terms of application.

Citing an example, he said use of smart systems in cars could help a driver gain information on the proximity of other vehicles and automatically apply brakes.



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