Friday, July 25, 2008

Geological Mapping and GIS Project for the Moroccan Ministry of Energy and Mines

GAF-AG in a team with his national partners has started a geological mapping project in the Anti-Atlas area in Morocco. The work area with a size of approx 3000 km2 is located in the south-western most Anti-Atlas and is covered by the topographic map sheets of Mighleft, Larbat sahal, Tlatat Iakhasas, Tagannt, Ifni, Sbouya and Assaka. The predominant geology in the area consists of several Proterozoic igneous suites and Paleozoic covers.

The geological mapping will be performed on a scale of 1: 50 000. In a first phase all existing information will be compiled, satellite imagery interpreted and first draft maps prepared.

Geological field work and sampling will be performed by a team of experienced geologists in winter 2008 / spring 2009 using satellite imagery, GPS technology, personal digital assistants (PDA) as well as GAF`s dedicated GIS based field mapping tool GEOROVER – which is customized to handle efficiently local lithostratigraphy and the specific requirements of the client. Thus the geologists in the field have instant access to location information, so that they can quickly store observations in a digital field book and work with satellite and aerial remote sensing imagery and topographic information. Hence mapping work is greatly facilitated. Already during the field campaign first geological maps will be generated and a geological GIS data base prepared. This approach allows GAF the most efficient performance of work, cutting the time required in the field significantly.

Field work is supplemented by geochemical and geo-chronological analysis and petrography on thin-sections. The mapping project will result in a suite of digital and printed maps, explanatory notes for each map sheet in English and French, as well as a GIS geo-database according to the norms of the Ministry.

The project is carried out by GAF AG together with its partner Megatel and has a duration of 30 months. The project is initiated and funded by the Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment of the Kingdom of Morocco. Client is the Direction of Mineral Development in the Ministry.



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