Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Infotech Enterprises America updates

Infotech Enterprises America, Inc. announced the award of multiple base mapping projects in the New England area. The awards include major projects in the states of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The awards were the result of nation-wide competitive bids to provide services including the production of color and Color Infrared (CIR) photography, the production of high resolution digital orthophotos, the creation of Digital Terrain Models (DTM) and Digital Elevation Models (DEM), as well as the generation of 2-foot contour intervals and the capture of detailed planimetric features in the following categories: Structures, Hydrography, Transportation, Vegetation, Recreation, and Utilities.

The selections were based on a clear demonstration of proven processes for creating the products as well as an understanding of the applications of the data such as asset management, tax assessment, public safety, construction planning, engineering design, and regulatory reporting. Each client has a mature GIS with a focus to develop a new base map to replace their old base map data. The imagery provided for the clients was acquired in the Spring of 2008 for both 40 and 100 map scale products. The geographies for the projects range from very dense urban and suburban areas to rural and waterfront areas as well as areas in various stages of development.

Infotech Sales Director Bob Montgomery noted: “We have been growing a steady base of excellent clients in the New England area. These awards recognize the quality we have been delivering to existing clients as well as our capacity to process the Spring imagery in a timely manner. These selections also confirm the value we offer each client through innovative options such as 3D modeling and wetland delineation.”



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