Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Call for Participation in Global Earth Observation System of Systems

The Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC) announced that a Call for Participation (CFP) in Phase 2 of the GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems) Architecture Implementation Pilot (AIP) has been issued by the GEO (Group on Earth Observations).

Phase 1 of the AIP demonstrated GEO Portal and Clearinghouse solutions. Phase 2 will establish "operational, research and technical exemplars," services that support the GEOSS Societal Benefit Areas (application domains).

The CFP invites GEO Members and Participating Organizations to:
# Provide components and services relevant to GEOSS "Societal Benefit Areas" (application domains).

# Participate in interoperability testing of the services including use of the GEOSS Common Infrastructure Components in order to validate the architecture.

# Participate in the collaborative refinement of societal benefit scenarios to guide testing, demonstrations and operations of interoperable services.

The CFP document is available at http://www.earthobservations.org/geoss_imp.shtml. Responses to the CFP are requested by 1 September 2008 to support a planning workshop scheduled for 25-26 September 2008 in Boulder, Colorado, USA. To register for the teleconference or ask questions about the CFP, please contact George Percivall, percivall@opengeospatial.org. The OGC efforts in AIP is supported by the European Commission, Northrop Grumman, and ERDAS. Additional information is available at http://www.ogcnetwork.net/AIpilot.


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