Tuesday, July 08, 2008

FeatureObjeX 1.0 software - automatic extraction of visual features in satellite and aerial images

Geospace Inc., a provider of geospatial information and solutions, today announced the release of FeatureObjeX 1.0, a new user-friendly software tool for the automatic and semi-automatic extraction of visual features in satellite and aerial images designed to minimize image analysis time.

“We are pleased to announce the release of FeatureObjeX 1.0, the most valuable feature extraction tool on the market,” said Michael Hollis, President and CEO of Geospace Inc. “FeatureObjeX can considerably reduce the time of feature extraction tasks – allowing for greater productivity.”

Unlike other Automatic Feature Extraction tools that require users to spend significant time training and configuring the tool to extract specific features, FeatureObjeX allows users to begin producing useful results immediately with its easy to use and intuitive feature markup tools. Such tools provide a substantially faster approach to delineating features of interest compared to traditional manual digitization tools. After a few features have been marked up in an image, users can automatically delineate all similar features in the same image, or other similar images, saving substantial analysis time.

Dr. Simon Perkins, lead FeatureObjeX Software Developer at Geospace Inc.,notes, “FeatureObjeX 1.0 incorporates feedback we received from users of the pre-release version and includes new features, such as attaching attributes to feature layers and improved access to PostGIS and Google Earth. Most importantly we have included a new user-interactive “Active Fill” markup tool that is both very fast and very accurate. In feature extraction both speed and accuracy are essential and we have brought these together in FeatureObjeX 1.0.”

FeatureObjeX will be distributed worldwide by PCI Geomatics, a world leading developer of software and solutions for geospatial imaging applications, as well as by their resellers.



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