Tuesday, July 08, 2008

New version of Map 2.0

AND Automotive Navigation Data, leading provider of worldwide digital mapping used for navigation and location-based services (LBS), releases a new version of their Map2.0. Map 2.0 is now a fully online editable map. Based on the Web 2.0principles, Map 2.0 is the first example of an online editable map. All edits are immediately stored in the map database and visible to everybody.

Map 2.0 is available via www.map20.org."AND is very proud to be the first to offer a fully online editable map. Users make changes on the map itself, using the map as the user interface," according to Maarten Oldenhof, CEO at AND Automotive Navigation Data. "It is known that a small percentage of a map is notrepresenting the present situation. With the help of the online editable map AND aims to close this Gap and deliver a map that is 100% correct. "The most important indicator of the satisfaction of navigations users is the map accuracy and up-to-dateness. The map feedback results in better routes and an improved LBS and navigation experience.

With Map2.0 it is very easy to add, remove and edit roads and POIs. Examples of edits are name changes, geometry, adding turn restrictions, changing directional information, changing a crossing into around-about, etc. The quality control team at AND closely monitors all the map improvements. All improvements will be available to the end-users via the online map and via traditional data releases.

Map 2.0 is available to all navigation players. They can use this tool in their navigation system or integrate this product into their online community as a map feedback tool. Maps 2.0 can easily be adjusted to the look and feel of the customers website or navigation system.



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