Thursday, June 05, 2008

OnPoint 6.2: Powerful and Dynamic Map Generation

Orion Technology Inc., a Rolta Company, today announced the latest release of its flagship product OnPoint, version 6.2, which continues to take Web-GIS solutions to a new dimension. The robust and easy-to-enhance OnPoint 6 platform has allowed for rapid development and enhancement, resulting in the ability to add functionality rapidly and effectively, to meet client requirements. This newest release marks the arrival of enhanced thematic mapping as well as support for various formats common to European locales and ESRI ArcGIS Server geocoding services. It also sets the stage for the much anticipated release of the OnPoint Software Developer Kit (SDK).

OnPoint’s thematic mapping functionality greatly enhances a user’s ability to analyse spatial data by allowing them to employ their own custom symbology. OnPoint users can identify and interpret spatial patterns immediately without having to do additional data conversion/manipulation prior to visualizing the data. Since thematic mapping can also be applied to spatial data layers served through powerful map services solutions such as ESRI ArcIMS and ArcGIS Server, OnPoint enables organizations to further leverage their existing GIS infrastructures.

"OnPoint's thematic mapping is an important step towards empowering users. These developments enable users to better self-actuate and leverage more value from geodata by generating enhanced information and intelligence. It will increasingly help us in our move toward a truly customer-centric knowledge environment. We're expecting the use and application of geo-services to be a significant growth area." said Pete Hebden, Manager Geospatial & Asset Strategy, New Plymouth District Council, New Zealand.

Support has been added to OnPoint so that it honors formatting for dates, time, currency and numbers for any European Union locale. This enhancement complements OnPoint effective multilingual support that allows organizations to publish map services in several different languages simultaneously, thus expanding the outreach of their organization GIS data assets.

Finally, organizations can now leverage ArcGIS Server geocoding services and thus enable queries for single addresses or street intersections. Support is enabled through a simple configuration setting in OnPoint Administrative Console. No programming is required to add this capability to a map service.

“OnPoint has always been a tremendously valuable application for our customers. That’s not surprising, since it’s our customers that have led the charge, defining what OnPoint should become. I’ve proudly watched OnPoint mature over the years. Each new release has provided many “firsts” in the web-based GIS industry. Our customers of course benefit from this, and many of them can certainly stand up and take a bow for helping define these functions. We have some very very bright customers, with plenty of drive, and an ambition to settle only for the best. With OnPoint 6.2, that’s just what they’re getting. The best.” said Shafik Jiwani, Vice President, Business Development.

The newest release of OnPoint provides enhanced out-of-the-box implementation capabilities, advanced security, powerful administration tools for customizing and managing your web portal, unparalleled data and application integration features.

The soon-to-be-released OnPoint SDK will allow users to extend OnPoint 6.2 in areas such as User Interface Customization, Functions to Manager Search/Selection Results, as well as the ability to perform Authentication/Authorization of Custom Components.



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