Monday, June 09, 2008

DTREG: Predictive Modeling Software manual and guide

DTREG: Predictive Modeling Software manual and guide. DTREG (pronounced D-T-Reg) builds classification and regression decision trees, neural networks, support vector machine (SVM), gene expression programs, discriminant analysis and logistic regression models that describe data relationships and can be used to predict values for future observations. DTREG also has full support for time series analysis.

DTREG accepts a dataset containing of number of rows with a column for each variable. One of the variables is the “target variable” whose value is to be modeled and predicted as a function of the “predictor variables”. DTREG analyzes the data and generates a model showing how best to predict the values of the target variable based on values of the predictor variables.

DTREG can create classical, single-tree models and also TreeBoost and Decision Tree Forest models consisting of ensembles of many trees. DTREG also can generate Neural Networks, Support Vector Machine (SVM), Gene Expression Programming/Symbolic Regression, Discriminant Analysis, Linear Regression and Logistic Regression models.

DTREG includes a full Data Transformation Language (DTL) for transforming variables, creating new variables and selecting which rows to analyze.

Read the complete manual in PDF.
Also read DTREG: Classification and Regression Trees For Data Mining and Modeling in PDF.


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