Tuesday, June 10, 2008

CAD Translation: Table Driven Geoprocessing Script 1.2a

CAD Translation using a Table Driven Geoprocessing Script 1.2a. This is a toolbox containing two tools to help in the building of a table driven automated CAD translation implementation. A GP model helps scan your CAD data to identify potential GIS feature sources in a CAD drawing, and a script that can process a Correlation matrix table to convert CAD drawing data to ArcGIS feature classes. If you are interested in this tool you may also want to consider the SplitByColumn tool found in the CAD Samples Toolbox: http://arcscripts.esri.com/details.asp?dbid=13639

1.1 fixes problem with SPACES being read as values in the Matrix Table.
1.2 fixes problem with temporary feature class naming conflict and failure to append.
1.2a fixes typo

Download here.


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