Tuesday, June 10, 2008

MetaCarta Blog - How Geography and Maps are Transforming the Internet

MetaCarta, Inc., the leading provider of geographic search and referencing solutions, today announced the creation of "The MetaCarta Blog," an online community where MetaCarta and other industry experts and visitors can connect to discuss their views on new and innovative ideas and to share their collective knowledge of how geography is adding a new dimension to the Internet to create the "geoweb." The geoweb enables information to be organized and searched by location and promises to generate new consumer, business, and entertainment opportunities.

The blog, located at http://metacarta.wordpress.com, will focus on advancing industry dialog on topics such as geography, location intelligence, and how digital maps have already started to become a new user interface. Already, there are several posts on the blog, including: "Time to put GIS -- the term -- out to pasture," and "FT article nicely looks at Geoweb opportunities." Moving forward, the blog will host articles and opinion posts authored by both MetaCarta experts as well as industry luminaries. Topics will range from the emergence of new services and devices that take advantage of the geoweb, to the role of open source technology and the impact of the geoweb on education. Combined with feedback from the readers, the blog will help advance the discussion of how mapping, content, and the Internet will radically change the behaviors of consumers, businesses, and governments.

"There is an incredible amount of interest and activity right now in combining maps and information," said Gavin Maurer, Vice President of Marketing for National Geographic Maps. "Business and governments have been working on map and data integration for some time, but now consumers see it everyday on Web sites, in their cars, and on their phones. We are excited to know that the mapping and technology community will have a new place to talk about these changes on the MetaCarta blog, and we look forward to contributing to the discussion."

"We at MetaCarta believe that the industry is on the cusp on a major shift," said Claudine Bianchi, vice president of marketing at MetaCarta. "Consumer trends such as the popularity of mobile phones and GPS devices are driving digital innovation on the Internet to push the envelope of how we perceive geography today. The integration of maps and data is huge -- in fact, far bigger than anything we could comment on from a commercial perspective. However, we are constantly seeing technologies and hearing about new ventures that people in our space should know about. The MetaCarta blog is the perfect forum for that."



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