Sunday, April 06, 2008

ESRI (UK)’s CrimeAnalys

ESRI (UK) announces that its CrimeAnalyst software has been selected by the City of Zurich Police to deliver best-in-class crime mapping and analysis functionality.

CrimeAnalyst uses ESRI ArcGIS Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to help police forces collect, combine, visualise, analyse, and share crime information in real-time, going beyond traditional crime “hotspotting” software to deliver in-depth, live location-based intelligence.

The adoption of CrimeAnalyst by Zurich Police, via ESRI distributors Geoinformatik AG, is the latest in a number of successful international deployments of the ESRI ArcGIS-based solution, as it continues to be adopted by distributors of ESRI software, worldwide.

“CrimeAnalyst was specifically developed to leverage the power of ESRI’s ArcGIS software in support of crime analysts,” comments Richard Weiss, International Business Development Manager for ESRI (UK) “This is a perfect example of how the need for geo-analytical tools to really understand crime and intelligence data is not unique to a specific geographic market, but is a requirement of all police forces, wherever they are located.”

A seamless extension to ArcGIS, CrimeAnalyst is used to support the crime prevention and analysis operations of police forces across the globe. With users throughout Europe, Canada and South America, CrimeAnalyst is proven to meet the needs of the international crime enforcement market.

CrimeAnalyst from ESRI (UK) has developed a strong following in the UK, now in use with forces across the country. It transforms crime analysis from simple hotspot generation of historic criminal activity, into a means of delivering live intelligence that fits within the UK’s National Intelligence Model (NIM) framework. Its ability to utilise a very wide range of disparate, real time data and readily integrate with corporate networks and intranets has enabled forces to provide self-serve access to the latest crime information, moving the geographic analysis of crime from a backroom function to a key corporate asset.

About ESRI (UK)
ESRI (UK) is part of the global ESRI network. With the single, largest pool of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) expertise in the UK, the company is the technical authority on GIS. ESRI (UK) provides solutions, technology and services including off-the-shelf applications built on ESRI’s ArcGIS software suite and an extensive range of consulting and training services.


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