Saturday, April 05, 2008

GeoWeb 2008's Keynote and Invited Speakers

GeoWeb 2008 conference organizers are pleased to announce GeoWeb 2008's Keynote and Invited Speakers.

Ron Lake, CEO of Galdos Systems, Inc. says "The GeoWeb Conference is a focal point for the geospatial industry - a sort of Davos for geo-industry leaders. This year we have attracted some of the brightest and most forward looking people in the industry - representing a diversity of points of view and approaches to realization of the GeoWeb."

The 2008 Keynote Speakers consists of:
Dr. John Curlander, General Manager, Microsoft Virtual Earth Business Unit

Michael T. Jones, Chief Technology Advocate, Google

Alex Miller, founder and President, ESRI Canada Ltd.

The 2008 Invited Speakers consists of:
Dr. Michael F. Goodchild, Professor of Geography, University of California, Santa Barbara

Dr. Michael Kay, Technical Director, Saxonica

Kimon G. Onuma, FAIA, President, Onuma, Inc.

"It's these thought leaders that ignite the idea sharing process at GeoWeb, and we're looking forward to seeing their impact on the rest of the conference." said Bob Samborski, Executive Director of GITA.

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