Friday, July 15, 2016

Species Distribution Model SDM Package Tool in R Software

I used the Species Distribution Model SDM Package Tool in R software all the time.

sdm is an object-oriented, reproducible and extensible R platform for species distribution modelling. The sdm package is designed to create a comprehensive modelling and simulation framework that: 

1) provides a standardised and unified structure for handling species distributions data and modelling techniques (e.g. a unified interface is used to fit different models offered by different packages);

2) is able to support markedly different modelling approaches;

3) enables scientists to modify the existing methods, extend the framework by developing new methods or procedures, and share them to be reproduced by the other scientists;

4) handles spatial as well as temporal data for single or multiple species;

5) employs high performance computing solutions to speed up modelling and simulations, and finally;

6) uses flexible and easy-to-use GUI interface. For more information, check the published paper by Naimi and Araujo (2016) in the journal of Ecography.

Download the package here.


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