Thursday, May 01, 2014

GIS App: ArcGIS Explorer For Smartphone and Tablet

Esri released recently Explorer for ArcGIS, the GIS app for everyone to access and share maps on their smartphone and tablet. This app is characterized by being “for everyone”, with its modern, easy-to-use interface that allows non-GIS professionals to use it right away. Right now the release is available on iOS but an Android version will be available in the future.

Explorer for ArcGIS may require some familiarity with Esri GIS tools. For example, users can access any of their organization’s maps authored in ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS. These users are able to search for information about their assets, find out where their assets are in relation to their current location, and share that information easily with whomever they want to know the information. Maps can be shared several ways including text message, email and AirDrop and other methods.

Maps can be redlined in Explorer with the app’s sketching tool. There is also an interactive presentation feature in Explorer for ArcGIS that makes it possible for users to brief stakeholders by using map slides which contain a title, visible layers in sets, and an extent. During a presentation, users can interact with a live map and also view pop-up windows and sketch.

To download Explorer for ArcGIS, visit the Apple App Store. All you need is an iOS device to download and try the sample maps included in the Explorer app.


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