Sunday, July 08, 2012

AGU 2012 Session: Remote Characterization of Vegetation Structure, Function, and Condition

Here is a letter from Alistair Smith from the University of Idaho, inviting everyone to join the AGU 2012 Session on "Remote Characterization of Vegetation Structure, Function, and Condition" (B054).

For the 5th time we are going to have a session at the AGU fall meeting focusing on “The Remote Characterization of Vegetation Structure, Function, and Condition” (summary below). This year; in addition to the usual topics areas of LiDAR, radar, indices applied to satellite imagery, and process model applications; we also welcome contributions related to and informing the Landsat 8 mission.

In previous years the contributions to these sessions have resulted in two special issues and we will be pursing an outlet for the presented research again this year. The final journal to be announced.

Abstracts can be submitted at:

We hope to see you all again in San Francisco!

Alistair Smith (University of Idaho)
Mike Falkowski (Michigan Technological University)
Wade Tinkham (University of Idaho)
Jonathan Greenberg (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Session background:
"Advances in the remote characterization of vegetation structure, function and condition, from individual plants to global scales using aerial and satellite systems. Knowledge of vegetation structure can be used to evaluate biogeochemical cycles, successional dynamics, radiative transfer and water budgets, etc. The widespread application of lidar and SAR, such as in wetland vegetation, has re-emphasized the potential of remote sensing to characterize vegetation attributes over space and time. Specific interest is in studies that present new passive or active remote sensing methods, quantify 2D/3D spatial or temporal patterns and changes, and methods that can use historic, current ,and future sensors (e.g., Landsat-8)."


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