Friday, March 09, 2012

Convert MATLAB Algorithms to C Code - Webinar

Join an exciting MathWorks webinar: Converting MATLAB to C Code.

Date and time:

22 Mar 2012
9:00 AM U.S. EDT/ 1:00 PM GMT
2:00 PM U.S. EDT/ 6:00 PM GMT

In this webinar we demonstrate the workflow for generating readable and portable C code from your MATLAB algorithms using MATLAB Coder. Through product demonstrations, you will learn how you can use MATLAB Coder to:

- Prototype your MATLAB algorithms as standalone executables on a PC

- Accelerate parts of your MATLAB algorithms by automatically generating MEX functions

- Integrate your algorithms as compiled C libraries with custom software

- Generate C source code to hand-off to software engineers

To register now, or to learn more, visit Matlab.


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