Friday, December 02, 2011

Register for Geospatial World Forum 2012

Geospatial World Forum 2012 shall be the first truly global geospatial industry event and aims to bring together about 2500 participants from different parts of the world. With its existing network and large presence in Asia, Middle East, Latin America, and Africa, Geospatial World and its quest to develop and build up similar level of engagement with European and North American geospatial community, it offers the most promising opportunity to have a true geospatial industry event focusing on all the stakeholders representing all the major economies and regions.

As the premium global geospatial industry event, Geospatial World Forum will bring the stakeholders —solution providers, policy makers as well as users— to a single platform, providing unparalleled opportunities for discussion, debate and interaction.

Geospatial World Forum is a platform of convergence for all stakeholders of global geospatial community, policy makers and end users of geospatial information. Geospatial World Forum is a confluence of a variety of activities in the form of plenary, symposia, seminars, workshops, panel discussions, exchange forums- covering the vast gamut of technology, application, policy, use cases from the region and from across the world. The Forum will also host a number of additional events in parallel by its partners like board meetings, executive meetings, user meetings, partner/reseller meetings and so on.

The theme of Geospatial World Forum 2012 shall be 'Geospatial Industry & World Economy'. In tune with the theme, the conference shall touch upon the dimensions and directions of geospatial industry and shall attempt to bring forward and project its utility, contribution and relevance to several important industries contributing to the economy of the world.

Convergence and integration of geospatial technology with mainstream technologies like IT, telecommunication, and Internet, has enabled the harnessing of true potential of geospatial information and technology for improving the productivity and efficiency of enterprises across different industry domains including energy, mining, oil and gas, telecommunication, infrastructure, transportation, water, agriculture, local governance and business enterprises. In other words, geospatial industry is developing solutions and application which are very critical and useful for the growth of major industries driving global economy, and in a way, contributing directly to the world economy. Under this theme, a range of plenaries, symposiums, and panel discussions shall be organised involving the stakeholders from specific industries to appropriately project and steer the discussions and deliberations to line with the theme of the conference.

Geospatial World Forum 2012
23 - 27 April, 2012
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Register for the forum here.


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