Friday, December 23, 2011

Download Cloud eBook From Esri

There's a new cloud ebook from Esri! Cloud computing furnishes technological capabilities that are delivered on demand as services via the Internet. This new e-book shows how cloud technology and architecture can be leveraged by the GIS community.

Cloud computing provides opportunities for organizations to become more cost-effective, productive, and flexible to rapidly deliver new capabilities.
The pay-as-you-go pricing model is often quite flexible when renting cloud applications or infrastructure, allowing prospective cloud clients to "try before they buy," while existing cloud consumers can pay in advance to take advantage of volume discounts and satisfy budget forecasting requirements. Renting assets shifts the duty of maintaining on-premises data centers to the cloud vendor, alleviating the customer's responsibility for software and hardware maintenance, ongoing operation, and support.

Ideally, cloud adopters should be confident that they are consuming state- of-the-art systems that are highly reliable and flexible enough to handle large traffic fluctuations. The burden, then, is on the vendor to scale and continually reinvest in the on-demand IT architecture and service so that consumers are consistently provided with a robust, updated solution.

Moving parts of the corporate data and computing center to the cloud also reduces the amount of fragmented infrastructure, driving down up-front capital spending. As monies are reallocated to be invested in core business, other initiatives could be launched to provide direct value to customers and employees, giving the organization a competitive advantage.

With increasing outsourcing and offshoring, leading to the creation of a global workforce, team productivity depends on the power of networks and the Internet as a common platform. As such, cloud services are available 24/7, accessible from any browser on any device regardless of time zone. This provides faster, easier access for workers to do their jobs, allowing competitive differentiation for the organization and, likewise, retaining and attracting valuable and talented staff.

Download the ebook here in PDF.


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