Monday, October 17, 2011

Esri High-Speed Geospatial Analytics Coming to IBM Netezza

Geospatial technology and spatial data types from Esri will soon be integrated into the IBM Netezza analytics appliances. This will give federal agencies and customers in industries such as energy, retail, telecommunications, and health care the capability to query and geospatially analyze enormous datasets at very fast speeds.

The new joint solution, scheduled for release in early 2012, will be demonstrated this week at the GEOINT 2011 Symposium in San Antonio, Texas. Visit IBM Netezza at booth 1007 to learn more and watch a demonstration. The solution will also be shown at IBM Information On Demand 2011, which will be held October 23–27 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

IBM Netezza's suite of analytics appliances combine storage, processing, a database, and an analytics engine into a single system. The appliances' high-performance data querying capabilities will be merged with Esri ArcGIS geospatial analysis, visualization, and geoprocessing tools. The IBM Netezza appliances will support spatial queries of massive datasets that previously were impractical or impossible to conduct.

ArcGIS will provide the visualization and deep geospatial analysis of the results. Esri and IBM Netezza customers will have the ability to geospatially analyze and view petabytes of data within minutes instead of days. In its upcoming ArcGIS 10.1 release, Esri will support IBM Netezza appliances through query layers. The two companies also are working closely on deeper product integration via the deployment of Esri's spatial data types within the IBM Netezza appliances.

"IBM Netezza recognizes the importance of location as a vital data element in government operations and nearly all industries," said Esri president Jack Dangermond. "Our GIS customers are building the largest databases in the world. They are working on the most critical problems we face, such as security, public safety, energy, and health care. IBM Netezza's unique analytic appliances enable high-speed querying and spatial analytics on these large data stores. Both IBM Netezza and Esri customers will greatly benefit from our collaboration in this emerging big data space."

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