Monday, July 25, 2011

Map of Data Center Closings 2010-2012 Released

Based on Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) Data Center Closings 2010-2012.

The Federal CIO Council launched a government-wide Data Center Consolidation Task Force to consolidate and increase efficiencies and to help meet the overall Federal target of a minimum of 800 data center closures by 2015. The Task Force comprises data center program managers, facilities managers, and sustainability officers from 24 agencies that work together to share progress toward individual agency goals. This dataset reflects information provided by the agencies.

All questions or inquiries should be directed to the specific agencies. The CY2010 and CY2011 dataset provides a list of planned or closed data centers by agency and by city/state location since the FDCCI started in February 2010. The Data Center Consolidation Task Force meets monthly to review the progress of each consolidation project and ensure government-wide alignment among agency efforts, where appropriate.

As its work evolves, the Task Force will serve as a "community of practice" for agency CIOs and data center program managers to share best practices and enhance consolidation effectiveness.


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