Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Geocaching Offers Trial Membership

Groundspeak, owner and operator of, has offered a free 30 day premium membership to Geocaching for every Boy Scout and Scouter (a $5 per person value).

A premium membership allows players to directly contact each other more easily, cache along a route, and enables "pocket queries" where players keep a database of all the caches of a certain type in an area to download into a GPS device. Purchasing the premium membership after a trial is $30. Standard membership is free.

Information about activating free trial Groundspeak Premium Memberships is included in council Get in the Game! starter kits. To learn more, contact your 100th Anniversary staff adviser.

What is geocaching?

Put simply, it's a high-tech treasure hunt. Players hide containers, called "caches" or "geocaches," outdoors and then share the coordinates. Then, other players seek them out using GPS navigation devices. It's fun, challenging, and interesting for individuals, families, and groups.


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