Tuesday, June 28, 2011

VectorLock ArcGIS Extension For Shapefiles

In response to the ever present need to secure sensitive geospatial data, eMap International and Par Government are pleased to announce the release of VectorLock, the first security system for shapefiles. VectorLock is an ArcGIS 9.3 or 10 extension that enables organizations to protect geospatial data by controlling access across internal and external user communities and data sharing environments.

VectorLock employs a flexible, multi-tiered strategy to assure the highest level of security possible. Shapefile data is secured and distributed on a per user basis through a proprietary encrypted format that looks and feels like a normal shapefile when loaded inside ArcGIS. While the ability to create VectorLock files is available on a per seat basis for an annual fee, organizations that wish to secure their data can do it at no additional cost to their users, as the ArcGIS Toolbar is provided free of charge from eMap.

The VectorLock software suite consists of three integrated programs. The first is the License Server Administration Tool which manages an organization’s identity and regulates its VectorLock software licenses. The second is the Data Administrator Tool, a stand-alone program that creates VectorLock files and manages access with customized licenses for a specific length of time. The third and final program is the ArcMap Toolbar, which lies at the heart of VectorLock by allowing users to view, edit and work with VectorLock files using traditional GIS workflows.

General availability for VectorLock starts on June 13, 2011. Prospective customers can get more information at the VectorLock website.


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