Wednesday, May 25, 2011

NESSF Program 2011 Successful Applicants on Earth Science Research

NASA received a total of 331 applications to the NASA Earth and Space Science (NESSF) Fellowship Program announced in November 2010 in Earth Science Research and selected 57 for award, pending acceptance by each applicant and their respective institution; they are:

Andersen, Theresa K (Student); James Shepherd (Advisor); University of Georgia
The "Brown Ocean" Concept: A Spatio-Temporal and Theoretical Analysis of Re-Intensifying Tropical Cyclones Over Land

Bagnardi, Marco (Student); Falk Amelung (Advisor); University of Miami
Dynamics of Magma Storage At Basaltic Volcanoes: Multi-Parameter Geophysical Studies of The Hawaiian and Galapagos Volcanoes

Barman, Rahul (Student); Atul Jain (Advisor); University of Illinois
Investigating Biogeophysical-Biogeochemical Interactions In The Northern High-Latitudes Using A Land Surface Model Integrating Recent Advances In Terrestrial Modeling, and Land Use Change

Brown, Zachary (Student); Kevin Arrigo (Advisor); Stanford University
The Environmental Drivers of Phytoplankton Production In The Bering Sea: A Remote Sensing Approach

Capps, Shannon L (Student); Athanasios Nenes (Advisor); Georgia Institute of Technology
Employing Observations To Improve Estimates of Atmospheric Composition: Integration and Application of ANISORROPIA In The GEOS-CHEM Adjoint

Cecelski, Stefan F (Student); Da-Lin Zhang (Advisor); University of Maryland
An Investigation of Tropical Cyclogenesis From African Easterly Waves

Chaussard, Estelle (Student); Falk Amelung (Advisor); University of Miami
Testing Hypotheses About The Depth of Magma Chambers In Volcanic Arcs Using ALOS PALSAR.

Chen, Haidi (Student); Galen McKinley (Advisor); University of Wisconsin - Madison
Impact of Mesoscale Eddies and Mode Water Circulation On Surface Chlorophyll and Phytoplankton Size Distribution In The North Atlantic

Coburn, Sean (Student); Rainer Volkamer (Advisor); University of Colorado at Boulder
Interpretative Analysis of DOAS Measurements of Reactive Gases Over The Tropical Pacific Ocean: Satellite Validation and Use of Satellite Data For Interpretation

Darnell, Kristopher N (Student); Douglas MacAyeal (Advisor); University of Chicago
The Supra-Glacial Hydrological System of The Greenland Ice Sheet: A Numerical Model Constrained By Airborne and Satellite Data

DeVisser, Mark H (Student); Joseph Messina (Advisor); Michigan State University
NESS Fellowship: Land Cover Change and Disease Ecology: The Unintended Impacts of Prosopis Juliflora In Kenya

Di Pierro, Maurizio (Student); Lyatt Jaegle (Advisor); University of Washington
Satellite Observations of Arctic Aerosols

Dolgos, Gergely (Student); J. Vanderlei Martins (Advisor); University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Airborne, Polarized Imaging Nephelometer For Measuring Aerosol Phase Matrix: In Situ Experiments and Comparison To The New Generation of Remote Sensors

Duncanson, Laura (Student); Ralph Dubayah (Advisor); University of Maryland
Combining Lidar/Radar Fusion, Allometric Scaling Theory, and Ecosystem Modeling For Improved Estimation of Forest Biomass, Structure and Dynamics

Dwyer, John G (Student); Adam Sobel (Advisor); Columbia University
Shifting Seasonal Cycle, Changing Monsoons, and The Role of Sea Ice

Girotto, Manuela (Student); Steven Margulis (Advisor); UCLA
Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Sierra Nevada Snowpack Using A Fractional Snow Covered Area Data Assimilation Approach

Hampton, Haydee (Student); Bruce Hungate (Advisor); Northern Arizona University
Climate Forcing Implications of Southwestern Ponderosa Pine Management

Hanshaw, Maiana N (Student); Bodo Bookhagen (Advisor); University of California, Santa Barbara
Volumetric Glacial Changes In The Central Andes During The Past Four Decades: Climate Change, Debris Coverage, or ENSO Variability?

Hirpa, Feyera Aga (Student); Mekonnen Gebremichael (Advisor); University of Connecticut
Ensemble Data Assimilation of Satellite-Based Soil Moisture and Surface Water Area Estimates For Accurate Flood Forecasting

Hull, Vanessa (Student); Jack Liu (Advisor); Michigan State University
Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Animal Habitat Selection Across A Coupled Human and Natural System

Jones, Alexandra L (Student); Larry Di Girolamo (Advisor); University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
3D Radiative Impact On Dynamical and Physical Properties of Modeled Marine Trade Wind Cumulus

Kelly, Anne E (Student); Michael Goulden (Advisor); University of California
Climate Controls On Forest Biomass, Productivity, and Species Distribution Along The Western Sierra Nevada Gradient

Kenny, William T (Student); Gil Bohrer (Advisor); The Ohio State University
Modeling The Effect of High-Resolution Land-Surface Heterogeneity and Forest Structure On Emission, Chemistry, and Dispersion of Volatile Organic Compounds and Reactant Species

Liu, Yingjun (Student); Scot Martin (Advisor); Harvard University
Experimental Investigation of Isoprene Oxidation For Different Limiting Chemical Regimes: Updating The Oxidation Mechanism To Evaluate and Improve Satellite Retrievals of Formaldehyde and Glyoxal

Meigs, Garrett W (Student); Robert Kennedy (Advisor); Oregon State University
Mapping Disturbance Interactions From Earth and Space: Insect Effects On Fuels and Wildfires Across Forests of The Pacific Northwest

Midekisa, Alemayehu A (Student); Michael Wimberly (Advisor); South Dakota State University
Integrating Multi-Sensor Satellite Data For Malaria Early Warning In The Amhara Region of Ethiopia

Miege, Clement (Student); Richard Forster (Advisor); University of Utah
Estimating Southeast Greenland Annual Snow Accumulation Over The Last Decades Using Ice-Surface Radar, Airborne NASA Icebridge Radar and Firn-Core Data

Mims, Amanda (Student); Chris Ruf (Advisor); University of Michigan
Development of Ocean Surface Wind Vector Retrieval Algorithm For Passive Microwave Radiometers In Tropical Cyclones

Minchew, Brent (Student); Mark Simons (Advisor); Caltech
Temperate Glacier Observations With L-Band Sar

Mini, Caroline (Student); Terri Hogue (Advisor); UCLA
Predicting Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Urban Water Use Under Climate Change and Societal Influence

Moon, Woosok (Student); John Wettlaufer (Advisor); Yale University
Arctic Sea Ice: Trends, Stability and Variability

Myers, Timothy Albert (Student); Joel Norris (Advisor); University of California, San Diego
Marine Stratiform Cloud Variability: Driving Mechanisms and Change Due To 2Xco2

Nasrollahi, Nasrin (Student); Soroosh Sorooshian (Advisor); University of California, Irvine
Improving Satellite-Based Precipitation Retrieval Using MODIS Multi-Spectral Image and Cloudsat Cloud Classification Map

Nievinski, Felipe G (Student); Kristine Larson (Advisor); University of Colorado
GPS Interferometric Reflectometry: Developing A Ground-Based Method To Measure Snow Water Equivalent

Olson, Elise (Student); Dennis McGillicuddy Jr. (Advisor); Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Understanding The Role of The Nitrogen-Fixing Cyanobacterium Trichodesmium In The Oceanic Nitrogen and Carbon Cycles: In Situ Measurement, Satellite Observation, and Biogeochemical Modeling.

Ouellette, Jeffrey (Student); Joel Johnson (Advisor); The Ohio State University
Empirical Studies of Soil Moisture Estimation Using L-Band Radar Systems

Patton, Jason C (Student); Brian Hornbuckle (Advisor); Iowa State University
Comparing Different Sources of Vegetation Water Content Data For Use In SMAP Soil Moisture Retrieval

Purkey, Sarah G (Student); LuAnne Thompson (Advisor); University of Washington
Analyzing Sea Level Rise Through The Synthesis of Satellite Altimetry, Satellite Gravity and Full-Depth Ocean Temperature and Salinity Data

Rasmussen, Kristen Lani (Student); Robert Houze Jr. (Advisor); University of Washington
Analysis of High Impact Weather Patterns Seen By TRMM

Reed, Kimberly A (Student); Stephen Nesbitt (Advisor); University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
An Orographic Optimization Technique For Improved Satellite Quantitative Precipitation Estimation In Complex Terrain

Richey, Sasha S (Student); James Famiglietti (Advisor); University of California, Irvine
A GRACE-Based Index of Global Freshwater Availability and Stress

Sachs, Michael Karl (Student); John Rundle (Advisor); University of California
Virtual California Simulations For Nasa Insar Data

Schmidt, Clint T (Student); Timothy Garrett (Advisor); University of Utah
Application of Ceres Energy Budget Data To Improve Understanding of The Dynamic Role of Clouds In The Earth's Planetary Albedo

Shah, Rashmi (Student); James Garrison (Advisor); Purdue University
Remote Sensing of Ocean Surface Using Digital Communication Signals

Shaw, Jeremy (Student); Dacian Daescu (Advisor); Portland State University
Optimization of The Information Error Statistics In Multi-Sensor Atmospheric Data Assimilation

Shinko, Andrew P (Student); Sadhan Jana (Advisor); University of Akron
Shape Memory Polyimide Aerogel Composites For Lightweight Aerospace Applications

Siegfried, Matthew R (Student); Helen Fricker (Advisor); Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Investigating Ice Sheet Processes From Repeat-Track Satellite and Airborne Laser Altimetry

Tao, Cheng (Student); Haiyan Jiang (Advisor); Florida International University
Climatology of Hot Towers In Tropical Cyclones and Their Role In Tropical Cyclone Intensity Changes Based On 12 Years of TRMM Data

Tredennick, Andrew Thomas (Student); Kathleen Galvin (Advisor); Colorado State University
Fuelwood, Savannas, and Climate Change: Integrating Modeling, Field Experimentation, and Optical and Radar Remote Sensing


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