Thursday, March 17, 2011

VrLiDAR Mapping Software

VrLidar allows you to add value to LiDAR data using the Vr Mapping Software. VrLiDAR is software that integrates LiDAR data into the time tested Vr Mapping Software packages, VrOne and VrTwo. This package allows the display and editing of LiDAR point data in 2D and in true three-dimensional stereo. The four configurations available in VrLiDAR enable vector, symbol and text entities to be collected and edited using the extensive VrOne/VrTwo mapping tools.

Mapping professionals now not only need the ability to collect three dimensional vector data from traditional photogrammetric sources such as aerial and close range photography, but there is also a growing demand to collect the same vector data from LiDAR in the form of points over photographic stereo images and from point clouds without any photography. In today's market one method of data collection is no longer adequate and VrLiDAR offers several options using photography and (or) LiDAR point data, offering the user multiple choices

Features Include:

* A familiar, existing Vr Mapping interface
* Multiple, true three-dimensional working environments>
* Ability to store large amount of points along with vector data
* LiDAR point and polygon editing tools
* Ability to collect and edit vector mapping data on top of LiDAR data
* Compatible with aerial and ground based mobile and static LiDAR data
* Support for over 190 existing Vr Mapping commands and applications
* Automatic Cursor Draping available in the 3D ViewPoint environment
* Up to 16 LiDAR attributes per point including intensity and classification
* User defined point density, point size and decimation density
* High speed input and output to and from LAS and other data formats
* Offered as an addition to VrOne and VrTwo


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