Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Featured University: Selkirk College GIS Program

Geographic Information Systems training at Selkirk College prepares individuals to be trained geospatial experts in the environmental planning, business, industry and resource sectors. Emphasis is given to real world projects that require the latest technology enabling students to gain expertise in Geographic Information Systems, (GIS) remote sensing, Internet mapping technology, database management applications, global positioning systems (GPS), 3D visualization and a variety of related software applications. We offer two credentials in GIS:

- Bachelor Degree
- Advanced Diploma

With the approval of the new Bachelor Degree in Geographic Information Systems (BGIS March 2007), Training in geospatial technologies at Selkirk College took a major step forward. Built on the foundation of the Advanced Diploma in Geographic Information Systems, the BGIS allows students to extend their academic maturity to a Baccalaureate Level. With unmatched flexibility, students can enter and exit at a variety of points and attain cutting edge skills that can be widely applied.

Click here to view the flexible pathways to achieving the Bachelor Degree In Geographic Infomation Systems. For general information contact the School Chair or for technical information specifc to GIS content, contact a GIS Instructor.


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